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Wide range of products
About Us:

COLVES Fluid Control SRL, an Italian company founded since 1981, COLVES has been committed to provide a complete solutions for the industrial valves requirements used for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Infrastructure and Water treatment applications.  
COLVES as a manufacturer of a wide assortment of ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves and strainers, become over the years a well reputed and recognized valves solution provider to major EPCs and End-Users in Italy and worldwide.  
COLVES’s design & development, Sales and Marketing and global management are all consolidated in Italy and China where its assembly, test facility and comprehensive valve inventories are also located.  
Over the years, the support extended from Europe in term of valves design and engineering as well as manufacturing management has allowed COLVES to enrich and better its valve manufacturing processes, implement a permanent product innovations flow and bring improvements to its QHSE system.  

Our vision is to manufacture reliable and high-quality valves to become the first customer choice and relay on COLVES
To became a business partner to our customers by providing the technique and technology to maintain their plant works in perfect condition. 

-The Company was founded in Italy in 1981 as a Trading Company 
-In the nineties new focus has been put on the valves business and all associated works such as testing, automation and special painting 
-In 1996, COLVES’ production of Valves started through a JV in China  focusing on Gate, Globe and Check valves 
-In 2003, COLVES was renamed COLVES FLUID CONTROL when the Headquarter  moved to a new site in Masate, Italy bringing in one location the Commercial team, the Engineering team and the Testing facilities 
-In 2009, Ball Valves designs and production was added to the range of products
 -In 2013, COLVES FLUID CONTROL took the full control of the JV in China  which is since owned at 100% by COLVES FLUID CONTROL 
-In 2014, a brand new plant was commissioned in Nantong under the name  JIANGSU COLVES FLUID CONTROL (JCFC) 
-In 2017, new shareholders arrived in the Capital of COLVES FLUID  CONTROL with the aim to develop further the company as well as its the products range. 
-From Jan 2018 a large valves inventory is available in Masate,Italy with an upgraded testing facility to service better COLVES’ Customers
Our MAIN Products

Ball Valves

Gate Valves

Check Valves


Globe Valves