Y Strainer 150-300-600 Lb
Y Strainers are cast filters designed according to ASME B16.34. It's used in pipeline to riduce dirty particles. 
Filtering element is a cartridge wich usually is a perforated steel plate Ø 1.5 mm. Upon request we can apply a wire mesh inside.
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Tee Strainer 150-300 Lb
Tee Strainer is a particular type of filter composed by a body (Tee+Blind flange+Welding Neck flange) and an internal filtering element; available in two different configuration: V-Type and Double V- Type. This configuration depends of filtering area required. Usually filtering area is 2 times inlet section area. Internal basket has a perforated support plate and a filtering wire mesh as for customer's request. End connection could be Butt-Weld or Flanged. It's possible clean the internal basket or replace with a spare part (if required) by dismounting cover blind flange.
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